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Somalia in 2014: Timeline of the food security crisis

As of August 2014, nearly 3 million people in Somalia are in severe crisis. However, only 30% of this year’s $933 million humanitarian appeal has been met.

Given the shortage of funding, remittances play an especially important role in tackling food insecurity. An estimated $1.3 billion is remitted from the diaspora to Somalia each year, benefiting some 40% of households in the country. Even in Somaliland and Puntland, two of the region’s most stable areas, a third of people would not be able to afford food, medicine and school fees if they did not receive money transfers from families and friends abroad.

Following on from our Somalia Briefing in July, we have set up this ‘Somalia in 2014’ timeline to document key events relating to the food security situation in Somalia, with an additional focus on relevant developments in the ongoing remittances saga, given the clear link between the two. We plan to update this timeline throughout the rest of the year and welcome input from other organisation and individuals. You can reach us at info[@]