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Edward Paice

Nichole Sobiecki references the Africa Research Institute in her piece

AFP, 24 August 2014

AFP contributor Nichole Sobecki quotes our director Edward Paice's Counterpoint How the Great War Razed East Africa in her article on the faded legacy of WWI in Kenya.
Edward Paice on BBC World Service History Hour

The History Hour, 30 August 2014

Our Director Edward Paice spoke to the The History Hour about World War One in Africa.

BBC World Service, 4 August 2014

ARI Director Edward Paice spoke to the BBC's Focus on Africa programme about the need to remember the suffering and contribution of African civilians and solders affected by the East Africa campaign.

The Great War and the butcher’s bill in Africa

Edward Paice asks that as we mark the Great War’s centenary the courage, suffering and sacrifice of those – combatant and non-combatant alike – caught up in the "maelstrom of gigantic proportions" in Africa are also remembered.

Nairobi’s first birthday: What is really happening in the city

On the first anniversary of the swearing-in of the devolved Nairobi County government, Edward Paice looks at progress made and the significant challenges that lie ahead.

Somali remittances update: banking up the wrong tree

Edward Paice reflects on the undesirable effects of interrupting remittance flows to Somalia and the UK government response which lays the blame, wrongly, at the door of Somali money transfer operators.

Somali money matters – an update on the remittances saga

Edward Paice argues that an effective and sustainable solution to the issue of Somali remittances will require concerted political will and an appreciation of the unique nature of the Somali financial market.

Financial Times, 19 November 2013

ARI director, Edward Paice quoted in a Financial Times article “Malawi cash-gate corruption scandal unfolds like a thriller”.

On Africa’s future: Snapshots from the OECD Africa Forum in Paris

Edward Paice highlights some of the key topics of discussion and debate at the 2014 OECD Africa Forum in Paris. Economic models, jobs and regional integration were all on the agenda.

Tax in Africa: High on the agenda in Burundi

Edward Paice explains that while higher tax revenues will be critical for the health of the public purse in Burundi, well-judged deployment of public funds will be equally essential for social cohesion and stability.