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ARI's election resource featured on Geographical Magazine

Geographical Magazine, 19 January 2015

Geographical Magazine features ARI's "2015: Elections in Africa" interactive map and resource page in this article. Reporter Tom Hart spoke to ARI's Maya Prabhu about the resource and the upcoming polls on the continent.
Guurti, Somaliland, Africa Research Institute, parliament in Somaliland, politics

Parliament in Somaliland: reforming the upper house

Hannah Gibson acknowledges the invaluable mediation role of the Guurti in Somaliland, but argues that for it to be effective in the future it must regain moral authority and public trust.

Wardheer News, 13 May 2013

ARI director Edward Paice’s wrote an article for Wardheer News, “Negotiating Peace in Somalia: Somaliland’s Perspective”.

Launch of After Borama: Consensus, representation and parliament in Somaliland

[display_podcast] On the eve of local elections in November 2012, Africa Research Institute interviewed ten prominent Somalilanders, including the three Speakers of the House of Representatives, two government ministers, MPs, civil society activists and representatives of women’s...

Why elections matter in Somaliland

Edward Paice believes that whatever transpires in the next few years in Somalia and Somaliland, the fact that the latter has developed a credible constitution and held competitive multi-party elections is worth emphasising.
Mohamed Omar, Somaliland Foreign Minister

After Borama: consensus, representation and parliament in Somaliland

Speakers: Hamish Wilson, Mohamed Omar (Somaliland Foreign Minister), Hasan Yusuf (Nagaad), Farah Jirdeh (Pharo Foundation)
Somaliland Foreign Minister, Mohamed Omar, Somaliland parliament

Speech by Mohamed Omar, Somaliland Foreign Minister

Mohamed Omar, Somaliland’s Foreign Minister, spoke at the launch of Africa Research Institute’s publication “After Borama: consensus, representation and parliament in Somaliland”.