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Edo state


Edo State’s “do and die” election by Anselm Adodo

Anselm Adodo gives an overview of key issues ahead of the elections for governor in Edo state, Nigeria on 10 September.
Father Anselm Adodo appearing on Arise News in April 2015

Arise News: This Day Live, 24 April 2015

Father Anselm Adodo, founder of Paxherbals, and collaborator on our latest Policy Voice, "Modern African Remedies: Herbal medicine and community development in Nigeria" was on Arise News to discuss community development in Edo State, Nigeria.

Modern African Remedies: Herbal Medicine and Community Development in Nigeria

“Traditional” medicine must be modern, professional and based in science if it is to contribute to improving health systems and outcomes in Africa.
People voting in Ewu, Edo State in Nigeria's 2015 elections

Nigeria: What Sort Of Change? by Father Anselm Adodo

Many Nigerians who voted on 28 March in the presidential election did so hoping for change. But what did change look like for citizens of Edo state? Father Anselm Adodo set off to find out.
Africa Research Institute event: Africa's natural remedies Paxherbals

Africa’s Natural Remedies

Speaker: Father Anselm Adodo (Founder - Paxherbals)