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BudgIT Nigeria infographics

Citizens ‘Making Noise’: Keeping Track of Buhari’s Government

BudgIT was founded in 2011 and aims to enable Nigerian citizens and policymakers to hold government to account for revenue and expenditure decisions through analysis of public data. ARI spoke to its founder, Oluseun Onigbinde.
People voting in Ewu, Edo State in Nigeria's 2015 elections

Nigeria: What Sort Of Change? by Father Anselm Adodo

Many Nigerians who voted on 28 March in the presidential election did so hoping for change. But what did change look like for citizens of Edo state? Father Anselm Adodo set off to find out.
Woman in Lagos voting at Nigeria 2015 elections

Whose Nigeria is it? By Paul Adams

On a visit to Lagos prior to Nigeria’s election, Paul Adams uses the slogan of President Goodluck Jonathan – “Nigeria is working” – to ask “for whom?”

An exceptional state: Lagos & the 2015 elections By Paul Adams

Paul Adams tries to make sense of Lagos, its “free-spirited political elite” and the model of development which has seen it labelled a Nigerian exception.

Nigeria’s 2015 Elections By Kayode Samuel

Kayode Samuel argues that Nigeria’s elections are about two quarrelsome camps, with little ideological divergence, each seeking a popular mandate to determine the nation’s future.