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Mali is becoming a failed state and it is not the jihadists’ fault

Kamissa Camara argues that a focus on regional security masks the root cause of the Malian crisis. Until Mali’s governance and leadership deficits are addressed, attempts to stabilise the country will prove futile.

Lara Taylor-Pearce on transparency and accountability in public financial management

In this interview with Sierra Leone's Auditor General, Lara Taylor-Pearce, we discussed the role of the audit office in ensuring transparency and accountability in public financial management and the associated challenges of trying to do so.

The view from Borno state

In a new ARI blog series, “NIGERIA: HAVE YOUR SAY", Mark Amaza looks at the impact of violent conflict on Borno state.

An introduction to participatory budgeting

This introduction to participatory budgeting examines how citizens, local mayors and a society of booklovers collaborated to establish the initiative in Yaoundé despite the weakness of democracy in the country.

Participatory budgeting: 8 things you should know

Eight things you should know about participatory budgeting. Including the types of projects that can be funded, the origins of the approach and some limitations.

Participatory Budgeting in Cameroon: Booklovers, Mayors and Citizens

In Cameroon’s municipalities participatory budgeting offers an opportunity to increase the impact of very limited financial resources by aligning policymaking with pressing local needs.