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The subtleties of authoritarianism in Museveni’s Uganda by Sam Wilkins and Richard Vokes

Wilkins and Vokes argue that while the NRM certainly makes use of crude abuses of state power, this occurs within the context of a sophisticated electoral technique which is equally important to understand.

The World Weekly, 7 September 2017

ARI's Director Edward Paice was quoted by The World Weekly on Kenya's democratic progress in light of the recently annulled election.

Interview with Denis Galava by Edward Paice State of media in Kenya

Listen to Africa Research Institute Director Edward Paice interview Denis Galava on media freedom in Kenya.

Tanzania: From Democracy to Autocracy? by Zitto Kabwe

Zitto Kabwe, party leader of ACT-Wazalendo and the Member of Parliament for Kigoma Urban constituency, argues that while the United Republic of Tanzania is a youthful and dynamic nation, beneath the surface not all is well.

Uganda’s economy: 31 years of moving in circles by Ramathan Ggoobi

Ramathan Ggoobi argues that has the NRM failed to deliver on its 1986 promise of an "independent, integrated and self-sustaining national economy".

The State of Democracy in Africa 30 January 2017

Event with Fadumo Dayib, Dr Robtel Neajai Pailey and Dr George Bob-Milliar on elections, democracy and women’s representation in politics