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Uganda’s banks risk scoring own goal by Ramathan Ggoobi

Ramathan Ggoobi asks why Ugandan banks don't reward ‘good’ borrowers by lending to them at lower interest rates, which in turn would induce them to undertake safer projects and create a win-win situation

Kenya: Traditional Medicine and the Law by John Harrington

Professor John Harrington discusses how in Kenya after decades of repression, authorities are now actively seeking to modernise traditional medicine . He also highlights challenges in regulating and protecting intellectual property rights of those practising traditional medicine.

Kenya economy continues to exhibit key weaknesses that must be addressed by Anzetse Were

Anzetse Were 's take on the World Bank's economic memorandum “From Economic Growth to Jobs & Prosperity” on the Kenyan economy.

Debt and corruption in Tanzania: a response By Sir Edward Clay

Sir Edward Clay, former British High Commissioner to Uganda and Kenya, penned a response to our previous blog "Debt and corruption in Tanzania"