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World Politics Review, 10 August 2016

Nick Branson, Senior Researcher, was quoted on the absence of policy debates in Zambia’s election campaign and lingering questions over the credibility of a newly-established constitutional court responsible for hearing electoral petitions.

Financial Times, 10 August 2016

Senior Researcher, Nick Branson, was quoted on the importance of the urban vote in deciding Zambia’s general elections.

Bloomberg, 22 June 2016

ARI senior researcher, Nick Branson, was quoted by Bloomberg on the closure of The Post, a prominent independent newspaper, ahead of Zambia's elections.
10 things to watch in Africa in 2016 by Africa Research Institute

10 things to watch in Africa in 2016

Rising debt, the ever-growing prominence of social media and a battle for the soul of the ANC are just some of the things Jamie Hitchen and Nick Branson are expecting to see in Africa in the year ahead.

The Great War and the butcher’s bill in Africa

Edward Paice asks that as we mark the Great War’s centenary the courage, suffering and sacrifice of those – combatant and non-combatant alike – caught up in the "maelstrom of gigantic proportions" in Africa are also remembered.

Maize dependency and agricultural subsidies in Zambia: In conversation with Rhoda Mofya-Mukuka

Rhoda Mofya-Mukuka spoke to Jonathan Bhalla about why agricultural subsidies in Zambia have not had the desired impact on poverty reduction, smallholder farmer productivity and commercialisation of agriculture.

Whodunnit in Southern Africa

Thrillers offer complex insights into how authors and readers may understand the present, and imagine the future. This is seldom recognised by journalists, academics and other commentators.