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Mozambique’s debt crisis: Trawling for answers

In anticipation of an audit of borrowing by three Mozambican companies afforded questionable sovereign guarantees, this paper examines their debts and considers how the government and its creditors might extricate themselves from the current crisis.

Interactive Timeline of Mozambique’s debt crisis

A cast of international actors facilitated US$2 billion of borrowing by Mozambican corporations afforded dubious sovereign guarantees. Outsiders also played a critical role in uncovering the debts. This timeline highlights some important moments in an extremely fishy tale.

How government should address revenue shortcomings by Anzetse Were

Anzetse Were on how the Kenyan government should address revenue shortcomings

Museveni’s wrong obsessions by Ramathan Ggoobi

Ramathan Ggoobi seeks to explain why Uganda’s economic progress is being limited by the ‘wrong obsessions’ of President Museveni.

Buhari, Nigeria and the IMF: Echoes from the past by Paul Adams

Paul Adams reflects on Nigeria's relationship with the IMF.

Kenya economy continues to exhibit key weaknesses that must be addressed by Anzetse Were

Anzetse Were 's take on the World Bank's economic memorandum “From Economic Growth to Jobs & Prosperity” on the Kenyan economy.
dfid uk aid

DFID’s work with multilaterals: Views from the UK’s Aid watchdog

Speakers: Graham Ward CBE (ICAI Chief Commissioner), Diana Goode (ICAI), Mark Foster (ICAI), Romilly Greenhill (ODI)
Ebola Sierra Leone

Beyond Ebola

Speakers: Robtel Neajai Pailey (Oxford University), Ade Daramy, Biro Diallo (Rio Tinto)

ECOWAS at 40

Speakers: Arnold Ekpe, Patrick Smith (Editor - Africa Report), Veronique Tadjo
cash transfer sim card

Cash Transfers: Indebted to Donors

Nick Branson and Jamie Hitchen consider claims about the efficacy of cash transfers in Africa and raise questions about whether the process is too often driven by donors rather than African governments.