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The geopolitics of African urban transformation by Tom Goodfellow

Tom Goodfellow reflects on how geopolitics is shaping Africa's urban transformation and what that might me for the future of cities on the continent

Tackling Boko Haram: some policy ideas for Nigeria by Fr. Atta Barkindo

Fr. Atta Barkindo suggests some short- and long-term interventions that could have a significant impact in tackling Boko Haram in Nigeria.

BBC World Service, 16 August 2016

Policy Researcher Jamie Hitchen spoke to the BBC World Service about the role for cash transfers in Africa
dfid uk aid

DFID’s work with multilaterals: Views from the UK’s Aid watchdog

Speakers: Graham Ward CBE (ICAI Chief Commissioner), Diana Goode (ICAI), Mark Foster (ICAI), Romilly Greenhill (ODI)

A Year With Ebola: The Grievous Experience of Health Care Workers in Sierra Leone

11 of Sierra Leone’s 123 medical doctors have perished fighting Ebola. Jamie Hitchen sheds light on the burden that has fallen on local health care staff and questions whether they have received enough support and recognition.
Lady holding cash transfers re-loadable card and a telephone

Cash to the Rescue!

Nick Branson and Jamie Hitchen investigate whether cash transfers are an appropriate way to meet the needs of people engulfed by crisis and can deliver long-term positive impact.
cash transfer sim card

Cash Transfers: Indebted to Donors

Nick Branson and Jamie Hitchen consider claims about the efficacy of cash transfers in Africa and raise questions about whether the process is too often driven by donors rather than African governments.
ARI blog article Donors and Dodoma featured in Tanzania daily, the Citizen

The Citizen, 24 December 2014

ARI blog, "The Donors and Dodoma," by Maya Prabhu, was published as an 'Analysis' piece in Tanzanian daily The Citizen on December the 24th.
Development partners leave Tanzania after escrow scandal IPP media

Donors and Dodoma: The International Challenge to Tanzania’s Parliament by Maya Prabhu

Maya Prabhu considers the adverse consequences for Tanzania’s parliament of the country’s heavy dependence on overseas aid as it enters an election year.
tax sustainable development goals

Financing Sustainable Development By Kieran Holmes

Kieran Holmes, the former Commissioner General of Burundi’s revenue authority, argues that sustainable development cannot happen without effective domestic revenue mobilisation.