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The geopolitics of African urban transformation by Tom Goodfellow

Tom Goodfellow reflects on how geopolitics is shaping Africa's urban transformation and what that might me for the future of cities on the continent

BBC News, 16 August 2017

ARI Policy Researcher Jamie Hitchen spoke to the BBC on why he thinks more could have been done to prevent the devastating floods in Freetown; pointing the finger in particular at the lack of political will to act.

Urban land and conflict in the global South by Melanie Lombard & Carole Rakodi

Melanie Lombard and Carole Rakodi on what to consider when analyzing acess to land and conflict.

Power to the people? Prepaid electricity in Mozambique by Idalina Baptista

Idalina Baptista explores how prepaid electricity in Maputo is challenging traditional ways of rolling out urban infrastructure.

Dakar’s municipal bond issue: A tale of two cities

This Briefing note describes an attempt by the city of Dakar, the capital of Senegal, to launch the first municipal bond in the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) area, and considers the ramifications of the central government blocking the initiative.

Who Really Governs Urban Ghana? by Mohammed Awal and Jeffrey Paller

Slums play a central role in Ghanaian politics. The way that they are really governed, how “hidden” informal networks interact with formal politics, and how citizens hold their leaders to account, are too often overlooked.

Flooding in Freetown: a failure of planning?

In September 2015 floods in Freetown killed seven people and rendered several thousand homeless. Jamie Hitchen explores the systematic failings of city management that exacerbate the problems caused by heavy rainfall.