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Nova Cidade de Kilamba, Kilamba New City is a large housing development 30 km from Luanda, Angola

Views of suburban Luanda: banishing the ghosts from Kilamba By Dr Chloé Buire

Kilamba New City reportedly cost US$3.5 billion to build. Dr Chloé Buire interrogates the myth it is a “ghost town” and illustrates how the settlement has attracted young, upwardly mobile Angolans.
A house in Panguila, a resettlement for residents of Luanda's slums

Views of suburban Luanda: the move from an informal settlement to social housing by Dr Chloé Buire

Chronicling experiences from Panguila, Dr Chloé Buire examines the rapid expansion of suburban Luanda, arguing that it provides insights into the Angolan regime’s vision for modernity.

Book Review: The Looting Machine: Warlords, tycoons, smugglers, and the systematic theft of Africa’s wealth by Paul Adams

Paul Adams is full of praise for the way Tom Burgis has uncovered the secretive networks that control Africa’s natural resources and fuel its conflicts.
Why Africa's Booming Cities Need More Autonomy in Urban Planning City Lab Sam Sturgis

CityLab, 3 March 2015

CityLab's Sam Sturgis examines the "complex and exciting" urban planning projects being developed in Africa. The piece cites Africa Research Institute's 2013 Counterpoint, "Who Will Plan Africa's Cities?".