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Cities in Publications


Participatory budgeting: 8 things you should know

Eight things you should know about participatory budgeting. Including the types of projects that can be funded, the origins of the approach and some limitations.

Participatory Budgeting in Cameroon: Booklovers, Mayors and Citizens

In Cameroon’s municipalities participatory budgeting offers an opportunity to increase the impact of very limited financial resources by aligning policymaking with pressing local needs.

For town and country: A new approach to urban planning in Kenya By Peter Ngau

Professor Ngau describes how the University of Nairobi and other institutions have sought to revitalise – and make more progressive – the education and training that Kenyan planners receive.
How to make planning law work for Africa

How to make planning law work for Africa By Stephen Berrisford

As competition for land intensifies in Africa’s rapidly growing towns and cities, planning laws assume a fundamental importance. The promotion of external “one-size-fits-all” models has not served Africa well.

Who will plan Africa’s cities? by Vanessa Watson and Babatunde Agbola

Africa’s cities are growing and changing rapidly. Without appropriate planning, they will become increasingly chaotic, inefficient and unsustainable. In many countries, planning legislation dates back to the colonial era.

Whatever happened to Africa’s rapid urbanisation By Deborah Potts

African governments, policymakers and international donors need to acknowledge fundamental changes in urbanisation trends and respond to the messages imparted about employment, incomes and economic development.