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Africa’s problem is planning, not implementation! By Dr Joe Abah

Are Africans born deficient of an “implementation gene”? Of course not; Africans can implement as well as everyone else.

Habitat III: “a critical opportunity for Africa” By Edward Paice

As the UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development closes, ARI’s director selects salient facts and features from the comprehensive Habitat III Regional Report for Africa

Why implementation fails in Uganda by Ramathan Ggoobi

Museveni’s government is giving all attention to politics, policy design and planning instead of doing the small things that would make a big difference argues Ramathan Ggoobi

Nairobi’s first birthday: What is really happening in the city

On the first anniversary of the swearing-in of the devolved Nairobi County government, Edward Paice looks at progress made and the significant challenges that lie ahead.

A federation of slum dwellers: In conversation with Irene Karanja

Hannah Gibson interviewed Irene Karanja who heads a Kenya-based federation of slum-dwellers. They discussed the anti-eviction movement in Kenya and the federation’s partnership with the University of Nairobi.

Who will plan Africa’s cities?

Speakers: Vanessa Watson (University of Cape Town), Peter Ngau (University of Nairobi)

For town and country: A new approach to urban planning in Kenya By Peter Ngau

Professor Ngau describes how the University of Nairobi and other institutions have sought to revitalise – and make more progressive – the education and training that Kenyan planners receive.
How to make planning law work for Africa

How to make planning law work for Africa By Stephen Berrisford

As competition for land intensifies in Africa’s rapidly growing towns and cities, planning laws assume a fundamental importance. The promotion of external “one-size-fits-all” models has not served Africa well.