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Whose Land Is It Anyway? The failure of land law reform in Kenya

Land is a “key fault line” in Kenya. Throughout East Africa land law reform has been pursued at the expense of substantive land reform. New laws have not been redistributive or transformative in a positive way.

Nairobi’s first birthday: What is really happening in the city

On the first anniversary of the swearing-in of the devolved Nairobi County government, Edward Paice looks at progress made and the significant challenges that lie ahead.

A federation of slum dwellers: In conversation with Irene Karanja

Hannah Gibson interviewed Irene Karanja who heads a Kenya-based federation of slum-dwellers. They discussed the anti-eviction movement in Kenya and the federation’s partnership with the University of Nairobi.

Who will plan Africa’s cities?

Speakers: Vanessa Watson (University of Cape Town), Peter Ngau (University of Nairobi)

For town and country: A new approach to urban planning in Kenya

Professor Ngau describes how the University of Nairobi and other institutions have sought to revitalise – and make more progressive – the education and training that Kenyan planners receive.

A brief history of exclusion

Steve Ouma offers a historical insight into the growth of Kenya’s urban centres and argues that policies have been defined by colonial legacies, state-sanctioned slum evictions and a refusal to acknowledge the rights of the poor.