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the Africa Report Lagos column

The Africa Report, 05 February 2015

ARI director Edward Paice's column for the Africa Report discusses Lagos as a model and case study for the use of property tax in Africa.
tax sustainable development goals

Financing Sustainable Development

Kieran Holmes, the former Commissioner General of Burundi’s revenue authority, argues that sustainable development cannot happen without effective domestic revenue mobilisation.

Financing the Burundi Revenue Authority – throwing good money after good?

Kieran Holmes reflects on four years at the helm of Burundi’s revenue authority, highlighting a number of successful initiatives that are at risk of being lost if further donor support is not guaranteed.

Tax in Africa: In conversation with Kieran Holmes

In conversation with Jonathan Bhalla, Kieran Holmes discusses how Burundi’s semi-autonomous tax authority has become a model institution but still faces serious financial uncertainty despite its many successes.

Taxing Africa

Mick Moore explains why Anglophone countries have led the way in reforming tax administration in Africa and argues that property tax remains the number one unexploited revenue source on the continent.

Tax in Africa: High on the agenda in Burundi

Edward Paice explains that while higher tax revenues will be critical for the health of the public purse in Burundi, well-judged deployment of public funds will be equally essential for social cohesion and stability.