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East Africa


Iron out key land issues to unlock growth potential in Kenya by Anzetse Were

Anzetse Were explores how land ownership issues are hampering economic development in Kenya.

Museveni’s wrong obsessions by Ramathan Ggoobi

Ramathan Ggoobi seeks to explain why Uganda’s economic progress is being limited by the ‘wrong obsessions’ of President Museveni.

Africa’s informal economies

Speakers: Marty Chen (Co-founder, Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing – WIEGO), Kate Meagher (LSE), Verner Ayukegba (IHS)
10 things to watch in Africa in 2016 by Africa Research Institute

10 things to watch in Africa in 2016

Rising debt, the ever-growing prominence of social media and a battle for the soul of the ANC are just some of the things Jamie Hitchen and Nick Branson are expecting to see in Africa in the year ahead.

Whose Land Is It Anyway? The failure of land law reform in Kenya By Ambreenja Manji

Land is a “key fault line” in Kenya. Throughout East Africa land law reform has been pursued at the expense of substantive land reform. New laws have not been redistributive or transformative in a positive way.
cash transfer sim card

Cash Transfers: Indebted to Donors

Nick Branson and Jamie Hitchen consider claims about the efficacy of cash transfers in Africa and raise questions about whether the process is too often driven by donors rather than African governments.
Tanzania constitution briefing note cover image

Party rules: Consolidating power through constitutional reform in Tanzania

This Briefing Note summarises the contested and controversial history of constitutional reform in Tanzania.

Statebuilding in the Somali Horn: Compromise, Competition and Representation By Michael Walls

Those wishing to support continued political development in Somali regions should pay greater heed to the historical and cultural context in which it is occurring.

How The Great War Razed East Africa

The scale and impact of the First World War campaign in eastern Africa were gargantuan. The troops, carriers and millions of civilians caught up in the fighting should not be forgotten.