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Lara Taylor-Pearce on transparency and accountability in public financial management

In this interview with Sierra Leone's Auditor General, Lara Taylor-Pearce, we discussed the role of the audit office in ensuring transparency and accountability in public financial management and the associated challenges of trying to do so.

“More time”…to eat? Money and politics in Sierra Leone

Following his look at the street level view of corruption in Sierra Leone, Jamie Hitchen examines how corruption and politics are increasingly intertwined.

“Kids in a sweet shop”: corruption in post-Ebola Sierra Leone

Jamie Hitchen, recently back from a trip to Sierra Leone, reflects on how a popular musician’s song about corruption has captured the mood of its citizens.
School girls in Sierra Leone

Behind Closed Doors: Schools, Teenage Girls and Ebola in Sierra Leone

As schools closed because of Ebola get set to re-open in Sierra Leone, Jamie Hitchen looks at one group that won’t be returning to the classroom – pregnant teenagers – and the possible long-term implications.

Getting to Zero: Learning from Pujehun

Jamie Hitchen investigates how Pujehun, a relatively poor district in southern Sierra Leone, succeed in declaring itself Ebola free in January 2015 and finds that youth were to the fore.