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Africa Research Institute's Paul Adams interviewd about Nigeria's politics on the International Business Times

International Business Times, 6 February 2015

In response to Nigeria's election postponement, Ludovica Iaccino of the International Business Times conducted this video interview with ARI consultant Paul Adams in which he gave his analysis of the current political situation.

Nigeria’s 2015 Elections

Kayode Samuel argues that Nigeria’s elections are about two quarrelsome camps, with little ideological divergence, each seeking a popular mandate to determine the nation’s future.
ARI's election resource featured on Geographical Magazine

Geographical Magazine, 19 January 2015

Geographical Magazine features ARI's "2015: Elections in Africa" interactive map and resource page in this article. Reporter Tom Hart spoke to ARI's Maya Prabhu about the resource and the upcoming polls on the continent.

The Malawi elections 2014: a family affair

Hannah Gibson reflects on the 2014 presidential election in Malawi. Widely touted as the most hotly contested since the return to multi-party politics, they saw President Joyce Banda ousted after just two years at the helm.
Guurti, Somaliland, Africa Research Institute, parliament in Somaliland, politics

Parliament in Somaliland: reforming the upper house

Hannah Gibson acknowledges the invaluable mediation role of the Guurti in Somaliland, but argues that for it to be effective in the future it must regain moral authority and public trust.