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Participatory budgeting: 8 things you should know

Eight things you should know about participatory budgeting. Including the types of projects that can be funded, the origins of the approach and some limitations.

Tax in Africa: In conversation with Kieran Holmes

In conversation with Jonathan Bhalla, Kieran Holmes discusses how Burundi’s semi-autonomous tax authority has become a model institution but still faces serious financial uncertainty despite its many successes.
How to make planning law work for Africa

How to make planning law work for Africa By Stephen Berrisford

As competition for land intensifies in Africa’s rapidly growing towns and cities, planning laws assume a fundamental importance. The promotion of external “one-size-fits-all” models has not served Africa well.

Taxing Africa by Mick Moore

Mick Moore explains why Anglophone countries have led the way in reforming tax administration in Africa and argues that property tax remains the number one unexploited revenue source on the continent.

Who will plan Africa’s cities? by Vanessa Watson and Babatunde Agbola

Africa’s cities are growing and changing rapidly. Without appropriate planning, they will become increasingly chaotic, inefficient and unsustainable. In many countries, planning legislation dates back to the colonial era.

Reforming Kenya’s ailing mental health system: In conversation with Victoria de Menil

In conversation with Hannah Gibson, Victoria de Menil argues that a greater role can – and should – be played by community-based providers to address mental health needs in Kenya.

Parliament in Somaliland: reforming the upper house

Hannah Gibson acknowledges the invaluable mediation role of the Guurti in Somaliland, but argues that for it to be effective in the future it must regain moral authority and public trust.

Duty of Care: Constitutional and law reform, in Malawi By Dr Janet Chikaya-Banda

The chief law reform at the Malawi Law Commission explains the importance of continuous, systematic law reform in young democracies and the role that it can play in upholding the credibility and effectiveness of the judiciary.