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2018: Elections in Africa

At least 5 sub-Saharan African nations are due to hold presidential or general elections in 2018. Check out our expert briefings and reading material on our interactive elections resource map.

Interview with Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla by Edward Paice The Anglophone crisis in Cameroon

Listen to Africa Research Institute Director Edward Paice interview Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla on the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon

How Boko Haram exploits history and memory by Fr. Atta Barkindo

Fr. Atta Barkindo looks at the ways in which Boko Haram has exploited history and memory to create an ideology grounded in local context.
Leaves, stems and barks comprise the key ingredients of traditional medicines in Oku

Contemplating collaboration: Traditional medicine, biomedicine, and co-ordination of health care in Cameroon By Dr. Tara B. Kelly

In rural areas of Cameroon formal health systems are struggling to provide basic health care for citizens. Dr Tara Kelly asks if integrating traditional approaches can help.
Jules Dumas Nguebou of Cameroon's Association of Booklovers Cameroon speaks toARI director Edward Paice about Participatory Budgeting

Interview with Jules Dumas Nguebou

In this insightful and detailed interview, Jules Dumas Nguebou discusses how participatory budgeting has developed in Cameroon to ensure that local resources are effectively mobilised to meet community needs.
Participate: Edward Paice, David Satterthwaite, Jules Dumas Nguebou

Participate! Grass-roots democracy & development in Africa

Speakers: Jules Dumas Nguebou (The Society of Booklovers, Cameroon), David Satterthwaite (IIED)

Budget participatif au Cameroun : maires, citoyens, et amoureux du livre

<<<==Return to English version Ceci est une traduction du résumé analytique du papier, traitant le budget participatif au Cameroun, The Booklovers, the Mayors and the Citizens : participatory budgeting in Yaoundé, Cameroon, publié dans sa langue originale...

An introduction to participatory budgeting

This introduction to participatory budgeting examines how citizens, local mayors and a society of booklovers collaborated to establish the initiative in Yaoundé despite the weakness of democracy in the country.