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Nigeria: Have Your Say

Government in Nigeria “is detached from its people at every level of the federation”, said Chidi Odinkalu, chair of the National Human Rights Commission, when interviewed for ARI’s 2016 briefing note “State(s) of crisis”. For most Nigerians, the state and unelected local government authorities are the most proximate form of government. Yet too little attention is paid to how these institutions operate and impact – or fail to impact – on the daily lives of citizens.

In a new ARI blog series, “NIGERIA: HAVE YOUR SAY”, Nigerians from many different walks of life will reflect on aspects of sub-national government from Borno in the north-east to Lagos in the south-west; and from Sokoto in the north-west to Enugu in the south-east. There will be no overtly self-serving or politically partisan inclusions. In addition to reading about the state of individual states, why not glance at Cheta Nwanze’s argument for the removal of Nigeria’s “state of origin” concept.

We hope this platform that will contribute to a more nuanced understanding of local governance in Nigeria and to draw attention to suggestions for improvement.

New submissions will be added regularly in the coming months. Interested in contributing? Then please get in touch with Jamie Hitchen

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