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Omaru Badara Sisay Director of the Situation Room, National Ebola Response Centre (NERC)

OB Sisay describes the function of the national response centre, analyses external interventions and considers what the country learned from the crisis.

Professor Attahiru Jega on election management and democracy in Nigeria

This long form interview with former INEC Chairman Professor Attahiru Jega reflects on election management and the state of democracy in Nigeria

Lara Taylor-Pearce on transparency and accountability in public financial management

In this interview with Sierra Leone's Auditor General, Lara Taylor-Pearce, we discussed the role of the audit office in ensuring transparency and accountability in public financial management and the associated challenges of trying to do so.

Ambassador Zhong Jianhua – on trade, aid and jobs

In conversation with ARI, China’s Special Representative on African Affairs responds to common criticisms of China’s policy and conduct in Africa.