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the Africa Report Lagos column

The Africa Report, 05 February 2015

ARI director Edward Paice's column for the Africa Report discusses Lagos as a model and case study for the use of property tax in Africa.

Nigeria’s 2015 Elections

Kayode Samuel argues that Nigeria’s elections are about two quarrelsome camps, with little ideological divergence, each seeking a popular mandate to determine the nation’s future.

10 things [you need] to know about Africa in 2014

A vaccination for malaria might become a reality; and it’s not all about China. Jonathan Bhalla lists 10 things you should consider when thinking about Africa in 2014.

Who will plan Africa’s cities?

Africa’s cities are growing and changing rapidly. Without appropriate planning, they will become increasingly chaotic, inefficient and unsustainable. In many countries, planning legislation dates back to the colonial era.

Africa through my television

Michael Holden argues that by depicting resourcefulness and the precarious nature of everyday urban life, the BBC series “Welcome to Lagos” underscored the commonality of human experience.