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Politics in Publications


Nigeria’s 2015 Elections

Kayode Samuel argues that Nigeria’s elections are about two quarrelsome camps, with little ideological divergence, each seeking a popular mandate to determine the nation’s future.

Participatory Budgeting in Cameroon: Booklovers, Mayors and Citizens

In Cameroon’s municipalities participatory budgeting offers an opportunity to increase the impact of very limited financial resources by aligning policymaking with pressing local needs.

Ambassador Zhong Jianhua – on trade, aid and jobs

In conversation with ARI, China’s Special Representative on African Affairs responds to common criticisms of China’s policy and conduct in Africa.

After Borama: Consensus, representation and parliament in Somaliland

On the eve of the 2012 local elections, prominent Somalilanders reflect on their country’s political stability, the role of institutions and national development priorities.

Duty of Care: Constitutional and law reform, in Malawi

The chief law reform at the Malawi Law Commission explains the importance of continuous, systematic law reform in young democracies and the role that it can play in upholding the credibility and effectiveness of the judiciary.

Between extremes: China and Africa

China has re-cast Africa’s position in the global economy. African governments should collaborate more keenly in exploiting relationships with China to improve economic diversification and competitiveness.