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Why international justice must go local: the ICC in Africa

Criticism of the ICC on the grounds of anti-African bias or neo-colonialism is simplistic. It overstates the power of the ICC and underestimates the ability of African states to manipulate the Court for their own ends.

The World Weekly, 7 September 2017

ARI's Director Edward Paice was quoted by The World Weekly on Kenya's democratic progress in light of the recently annulled election.

Africa Check, 4 September 2017

Nick Branson, ARI Senior Researcher, was consulted by Africa Check in their attempt to verify that Kenya’s Supreme Court was the first such African institution to overturn a presidential election.

allAfrica, 30 June 2017

ARI's June 2017 publication "How Kenya is failing to create decent jobs" was featured on

Interview with Denis Galava by Edward Paice State of media in Kenya

Listen to Africa Research Institute Director Edward Paice interview Denis Galava on media freedom in Kenya.

How Kenya is Failing to Create Decent Jobs

The publication uses pay as you earn (PAYE) taxation data from the Kenya Revenue Authority to define and analyse middle-income earners in formal employment in Kenya.