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Who Really Governs Urban Ghana? by Mohammed Awal and Jeffrey Paller

Slums play a central role in Ghanaian politics. The way that they are really governed, how “hidden” informal networks interact with formal politics, and how citizens hold their leaders to account, are too often overlooked.

Whose Land Is It Anyway? The failure of land law reform in Kenya By Ambreenja Manji

Land is a “key fault line” in Kenya. Throughout East Africa land law reform has been pursued at the expense of substantive land reform. New laws have not been redistributive or transformative in a positive way.

How The Great War Razed East Africa

The scale and impact of the First World War campaign in eastern Africa were gargantuan. The troops, carriers and millions of civilians caught up in the fighting should not be forgotten.

Qui va prendre en charge l’aménagement des villes africaines? Par Vanessa Watson et Babatunde Agbola

Les grandes villes africaines connaissent une croissance et une transformatiojn rapides. En l’absence de politiques d’aménagement appropriées, ells deviendront de plus en plus chaotiques et inefficaces et de moins en moins viables.