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Africa’s problem is planning, not implementation! By Dr Joe Abah

Are Africans born deficient of an “implementation gene”? Of course not; Africans can implement as well as everyone else.

Trump and Africa

A selection of articles reflecting on what President-elect Donald Trump might mean for Africa.

Mali is becoming a failed state and it is not the jihadists’ fault By Kamissa Camara

Kamissa Camara argues that a focus on regional security masks the root cause of the Malian crisis. Until Mali’s governance and leadership deficits are addressed, attempts to stabilise the country will prove futile.

Habitat III: “a critical opportunity for Africa” By Edward Paice

As the UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development closes, ARI’s director selects salient facts and features from the comprehensive Habitat III Regional Report for Africa

Urban land and conflict in the global South by Melanie Lombard & Carole Rakodi

Melanie Lombard and Carole Rakodi on what to consider when analyzing acess to land and conflict.